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Product characteristics

• The first explosion-proof internal combustion counterbalanced forklift in China to receive intellectual and industrial property rights.
• Explosion-proof design and production of the entire truck, high explosion-proof reliability, excellent, superior performance.
• powerful driving with explosion-proof internal combustion engine.
• Intelligent control of the entire vehicle including temperature monitoring, automatic safety motor shutdown, exhaust temperature monitoring sensor, flammable gases concentration detector and insulation monitoring, etc.
• Distinct cooling system guarantees low working temperatures.
• the entire vehicle is equipped with cold-light sources and signal lamps with low heat generation for reliable explosion-proof performance
• Stepless speed regulation, stable, low-noise operation and user-friendly.
• Aero-dynamic and attractive design.
• Highly reliable engine with low fuel consumption.
• Suitable for dangerous ex-protection zones 1 and 2 with explosive gases and non-conductive dusts, as found in petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry or the manufacture and processing of paper, paints and coatings, etc.

These forklift trucks and specifications are subject to improvement without prior notice.
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