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Product characteristics

·         Patented, safe, eco-friendly invention product.
·         System with explosion-proof AC single motor of advanced international standard.
·         Explosion-proof circuit design of the whole forklift truck, using overheating monitoring and overload protection, insulation monitoring and other intelligent systems, high explosion-proof reliability and excellent performance
·         Hydraulic wet-brake – prevents sparks and local rise of temperature
·         Jacklight, cold light source and signal lamps used for complete machine, therefore little temperature rising, ensuring high and reliable explosion protection
·         The complete vehicle is user-friendly, with a sensitive steering, which already responds to minimal movements
·         Safe and reliable performance
·         Eco-friendly, maintenance-free motor, keeping maintenance costs low
·         Wide range of possible application fields, often industrial. Suitable for use in explosive environment zones 1 and 2, such as production of paints, varnishes or petrochemical, military, pharmaceutical and other industries.
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