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Zhejiang Jiali Technology Development & Research GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese parent company Zhejiang Jiali technology co. Ltd., responsible for the marketing and service of products of Zhejiang Jiali technology co. Ltd. China on the European market.
Zhejiang Jiali Technology co. Ltd. (JIALI) in Hangzhou, near Shanghai, is a technology-intensive international private company, specialized in the manufacture of petrochemical equipment (pumps, valves, filters, etc.), casting components of wind turbines and explosion-proof industrial vehicles (primarily forklifts).
The branch of explosion-proof industrial vehicles is one of the most important divisions of Zhejiang Jiali Technology Co. Ltd. As the largest Chinese and one of the world's largest manufacturers of explosion-proof forklifts, Jiali is commissioned manufacturer for major companies in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, army, military, medicine, paper, pharmaceutical and paint industry. Jiali is main supplier for companies such as PetroChina, Sinopec, China National aviation fuel and the military. The subsidiary employs 180 people and has a private research and Development Center. The company currently has an annual production capacity of up to 1,000 ex-proof forklifts.
Our main products are:
CPDYJ**-FB Series: 1-3 ton explosion-proof hydraulic AC forklifts,
DSJYB0.3-4 - 10 series: explosion-proof hydraulic electric platforms,
BDB-GKZ6: explosion-proof battery telescopic lift,
CPCDB20 - 30 series: explosion-proof diesel forklift,
CPDB16-3: explosion-proof 3-wheel forklift,
CPDB40-50 series: explosion-proof electric forklift.
They are operated in potentially hazardous environment of zones 1 and 2.
Developed by our company in collaboration with the Tongji University, the CPDY and CPDYJ series is an international leader in terms of explosion-proof single motor hydraulic forklift trucks.
For them, the company owns 2 national invention patents and 3 utility model patents. The models of the series have been part of the innovation project of the Chinese Economic and Trade Commission in 2002, are supported by the Innovation Fund of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and are widely used in the explosion protection in the industrial zones 1 and 2.
Since the founding of the company we have focused on innovation, optimization of technology, quality, service and customer orientation. This is achieved by cooperation with universities, institutes, research home and abroad, etc.
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